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Vintage style photo of a crowd, happy people enjoying a church a sermon, raised up hands and clapping of pleasure, active night life conceptToday, online outreach is no longer just a simple addition to your fundraising arsenal; it is an absolute necessity to have proper engagement with the increasingly mobile population. So here are 7 important online giving tips.

The reality is that capturing online transactions on any device, from any location, and at any time is expected in the world of today.

In the recent years, technological advancements have made online giving simpler, creative, fun, and shareable.

The technological advancements have prompted many nonprofits, churches, and other organizations that rely on donations to rethink their engagement with donors to improve brand awareness and increase monetary gifts.

Nonprofits, churches and other donor-funded organizations are always participating in various fundraising ideas.

The successes and challenges of the different fundraising activities have a tremendous influence on the online giving strategies. Here are a few tips to ensure that these strategies are more fruitful.

1. Provide Your Donors With A Reason To Give

When donors are considering making a contribution, they will first want to know who will be the beneficiary of their gift. You should provide an answer to this question for prospective donors on your website. A clear, concise answer should be enough.

If you fail to name the beneficiary of the donations, you risk donor apathy. Some donor-funded organizations and institutions have defrauded people in the past and donors always want the assurance that their donations will go towards a worthy cause.

2. Online Donation Page

If you do not already have an online donation page, you should create one.

Having an online donation page is important for success since most donors today give their donations online. Fewer people are using checks nowadays and having an electronic means to make the donation can go a long way.

Your marketing and resource development team should make it a priority to have the online donation page running since making it easy to donate to your organizations means fewer headaches for all and encourages action.

Technological advancements of today have made it easy to donate using either a desktop or a mobile device.

Ensure that the donation button is easily accessible from the home page of the website and that the processing software is working, linked, and ready to receive donations that come in.

Many software programs today also include mobile giving making it possible, easy, and convenient for donors to donate via their tablets and smartphones.

Familiy worshipping the cross3. Know The Audience

Experimenting with digital marketing for any organization can be a lot like throwing darts in the dark.

As you continue developing sophisticated online giving platforms, it is important to understand the techniques that work best for your audience.

The first thing that you should do is to segment your donor lists ahead of time. For instance, messages sent to loyal donors should be different from those that you send to supporters that have not donated anything recently.

You should also know exactly who you are talking to as well as the best way of reaching them. Take the time to develop separate outreach strategies to each donor segment and ensure that you have a clear call to action.

4. Being Social

The most successful online giving campaigns integrate multiple strategies and tactics to encourage donors to click on the designated giving URL.

You should integrate direct mail, press releases, and email newsletters into a single campaign as well as social sharing media.

Social sharing and social media have the power to help campaigns gather momentum quickly.

Social media is the ideal platform for asking for donations since people congregate there to connect with others. If social media users determine that your cause is worthy enough, they will contribute to it.

Do not forget that social media extends beyond Twitter and Facebook…

You should find ways for your organization to incorporate and leverage the power of tools such as SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.

Ensuring that your campaign is easily shareable with the donor networks helps to raise attention.

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

If you visit Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Indiegogo, Patreon and other crowdfunding and donation-seeking platforms you will realize that the fundraising market is flooded with many appeals all at once.

You should be able to explain why your appeal matters or why it should be given attention.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential donors, the first thing you should do is come up with a compelling story.

Provide a strong story with clear details about why your services are so important and the people your organization supports.

If the campaign is not already funded, you need to explain this in the story too.

person holding a Donate here sign6. Setting Goals

You should always aim to tie your campaigns around something that is tangible. Provide donors and potential donors with specific goals as well as stories that show impact.

Telling a powerful story is important as pointed out above…

The other part is to ensure that this story is tied to specific goals.

The key behind the success of most crowdfunding platforms is the clear communications of milestones along with what happens once they are reached.

The story you present to donors should be inclusive of realistic goals that donors can identify with since it gives your appeal measurability as well as credibility.

7. Donor Recognition

Attaching a visible recognition to your campaign can go a long way.

Donors are still humans and still love to see their gifts recognized in one way or another.

Always ensure that you recognize each donor as long as he or she is not anonymous. Finding creative ways to thank your donors is a good way to recognize them.

Final Thoughts

The introduction and growth of online giving have truly revolutionized how donations are given. To ensure the success of an online campaign largely depends on the set goals and how they are accomplished. This article has provided seven effective tips for ensuring that your campaigns are more successful. Have fun experimenting with the tactics and strategies discussed here to improve your online giving program.