Introducing DigiGiv

The #1 Online Giving & Digital Donations Solution for Churches & Non-profits


Donors can complete a transaction via mobile app, text, or on your website.


Privacy and security are our number one priority. Every transaction is completed with bank level security.

Increase Giving

A digital giving solution has been proven to increase giving amounts and consistency.

You’ll love DigiGiv

Providing your organization the tools that make giving easy.

In churches, ministries, and non-profits, one of the biggest challenges has always been finding a way to encourage people to support you financially… DigiGiv is here to help!

Easy Implementation
Setup is easy but our friendly and helpful customer service team is standing by to support you when needed.
No Fees!

We don’t charge a setup fee or monthly fees, plus you have the option to pass on transaction fees to the donor.

You’ll see increased and more consistent giving, but it won’t cost you a thing.

For-profit and non-profit companies alike are finding that society has changed its thinking from traditional means of paying and giving, to new and innovative means. In 2015, Americans spent almost $343 billion in online transactions! And that figure grows higher each year.

People WANT to use the easiest means possible to purchase, make payments, AND Donate!

We’ll help you remove the traditional barriers people have to giving their financial support by making it simple for them to donate.

We offer a quick and easy set-up that is user-friendly, safe, and secure, and best of all, it can be free!

“Organizations that don’t adopt digital & online giving solutions will continue to see support decrease, and will miss out on great opportunities.”

Justin Dean

Co-Founder, That Church Conference

“Organizations have the opportunity to remove obstacles for growth in stewardship on a personal level. How? Embrace digital giving.”

Kenny Jahng

Founder, Generosity Labs

5 Ways To Give

Never Miss an Opportunity For A Gift Again

People like variety! With Digigiv you can offer them multiple ways to support your church or non-profit organization. It is our goal to help you remove the barriers a potential donor might encounter by offering multiple ways to give.

Online Giving

We’ll set up a link on your website for people to click and give immediately.

This can be a one-time or recurring gift and allows people to give while browsing your site.

Mobile APP

Available on any mobile device, people who are on-the-go have the ability to make a one-time or recurring gift through our app.

They can also see their past giving history, make changes to their account information, and more.


We’ll provide you with your own SMS phone number so all donors have to do is enter the amount they want to give.

This is a great tool for funding an immediate need, with a call-to-action from the pulpit.


Set up any computer or tablet in your  lobby or café to make it easy for people to give digitally, while they’re still at your church.

This is also a great way to demonstrate how people can set up recurring giving on their own mobile device.


For the people who still want to give with a tithe envelope, we’ll help you process that giving in a simple and quick bulk transaction.

Highlighted Features

Everything Needed to Accept Donations

We know that selecting an online giving & digital donations company is a big decision. We wanted to make that process a little simpler by offering you the best processing price guaranteed and the most feature packed solution on the market.

One Time Gifts

Many visitors would love to give to your ministry but they don’t come prepared to give. Now they can use your kiosk or their phone to make a one-time donation to your ministry, without any further commitment.

Recurring Gifts

Your people can set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring donation in just minutes. This gives those who travel or attend inconsistently the ability to be faithful in their giving.

Designated Giving

Many people are passionate about supporting certain ministries or causes. We provide a way for them to choose where their money goes.

Combined Giving

For the people who want to spread their money around—no problem. They can designate several categories of giving, i.e parking lot, building campaign, students, etc.

Quick Confirmations

When the gift is made, an immediate email confirmation is sent with all the details of the gift.

An Extra Gift

Lets people choose to give a small extra gift to pay the transaction fees for you when doing online giving. You’ll be surprised that most people will choose to do this and it will be an added bonus for you.


For the forgetful among us, people can choose to receive a reminder about their commitment.

Instant Access to Giving History

Provides ongoing ability for your people to keep up with how much they’ve given. This is especially helpful towards the year-end, when giving ramps up for tax purposes.

Friendly and Helpful Customer Service

Our support is world class and best in the industry. Our staff is committed to making sure you succeed with our tools.

No Setup or Monthly Fee

Honestly, there are no monthly or set fees. There is no monthly cost to us, so we figured we’d pass that savings along to you and your organization.

No Processing Fees

No Processing Fee? So here is how that works. We give organizations the option to do one of three things with the processing fee 1) pass entier fee to do the donor, 2) Ask them to cover the fee, 3) cover the fee yourself. When passing the fee our solution will be free for you!

Increased and Stabilized Giving

Because our tools are intertwined with the latest and greatest technically you’re going to give your donors more opportunities to support your cause.

Easy Implementation

Getting started takes literally no work on your end. You can keep your old system running until we’ve helped you migrate all of your supports to your new cost saving, feature packed Digigiv system.

Safe and Secure

We meet the strictest of PCI-DSS security level standards. That means that you can rest assured that your donations will be processed safely, and securely.

Less Administrative Time

Because our tools are so intuitive, everything is organized on one easy to use dashboard, and seamlessly integrated with most of the popular CRM solutions your administrative time will be almost unnoticeable.

Easy Access To Giving Data & Statistics

Build reports, projects, or just records with ease because you’ll have access to all of your data in one location.

One Day Deposits - No waiting

We know that funds are what makes your organization go round. Because of that funds are delivered one business day after the donated is made.

Free Donor Onboarding Strategy

We know that recurring giving helps stabilize your church or nonprofit. We’ve built a communication strategy, including text message, emails, videos, graphic, landing pages, form letters and more worth over $2000 that you get totally free!

Still Need More?

Mass Text & Email Communications Tool

This tool is extremely useful for multiple things giving related for building meaningful relationships. The data shows that people want to give to organizations they like, it also shows that the most efficient way to communicate with people is via direct text message.

Solicit Donations

With this AMAZING addon, asking for financial support has never been easier. Simply send a text.

Schedule Donation Reminders

Want to help people remember their tithe or gift? Simply schedule text reminders, weekly monthly or annually. 

Schedule Event Reminders

Everyone wants better attendance to their services and events. Now all you have to do is send a simple text reminder. 

Basic ChMS Functions

Keeping things organized is a must! With our contact card solution now organization is as simple as searching someone’s name.  

Donor Migration

Having all of your donors in one place is super importing with our tools, migrating them from one to ours has never been easier

Two Way Texting

Want to have text conversation while sitting at your computer with a possible donor or someone in your congregation? Now you can! 

Engament History

Find gift history, texts, and email engagement on one, easy to use dashboard.

Easy Follow Up

Have a first time visitor or donor? Send them a series of text messages thanking them for their involvment. 

What’sThe Cost?

Guaranteed Best Rate in the Industry 

We know that increasing and stabilized finances are critical for your organization. We also know that all the fees associated with digital donations put stabilized giving out of reach for some organizations. We’re here to help. No setup fees, no monthly fees, &  we give you the option to pass the processing fee on to the donor, making our solution completely FREE for you!

DigiGiv is committed to providing all the features people want when they choose to give digitally.

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